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Started with no programming experience, now has a trading robot making him money

“I didn’t want to buy a course of just videos. I think having somebody to interact with, like you’ve been great both on Discord and chat… Then the class has been interactive but also you’ve hopped on a call and just helped me out which has been game changing. So that’s why I chose Lumiwealth, it was really because you guys offer that level of care.”

“There’s people coming from way different backgrounds, some people are day traders like me others are more in the field of finance, and so it was really cool to just meet everybody and interact.”

– Agim Salija

Agim created a video showcasing the bot that he built while taking our Algorithmic Trading course, he’s been getting great results!

Check Out Agim’s Trading Bot in Action

A computer programmer with no finance experience, learned how to apply his skills to the finance world

“The class has been great. It has done exactly what I sought out. I have learned techniques to help me assess the quality of trading strategies which I didn’t have before. Overall, it has boosted my ability to create a trading bot and more easily test strategies in a way that I wasn’t able to before.”

“For anyone who is looking to learn Python, Finance, and putting together the dots in order to create their own strategy or enter the job market, I think this would be a great course to take.”  

– Rene Serulle

“Absolutely would recommend the classes. I went live with this trading bot a couple of weeks ago and right now I have almost made 80% of the money I spent on the course itself back from the bot itself. The trading strategies that I learned in the class paid for the class itself. I don’t think there is a better return on investment.”

“Learning from you was one of the biggest advantages. The depth of your experience you have and sharing that with all of us is amazing. To have that kind of person who’s willing to teach other people and help them enhance their lives is amazing.” 

– Santayan Paul

A software developer with little trading and finance experience learned more about investing and built an impressive bot that you can see in this testimonial 

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