Machine Learning for Finance and Trading Course Plans

Learn the fundamentals of Machine Learning and how to apply this to the world of Finance to help you both in your career, and with your investing! 

What Are The Plans & How Are They Structured?

Self Directed Plan

Our collection of instructional videos and sample code will allow you to work at your own pace. Furthermore, our video library is constantly expanding and you will have lifetime access to all future videos and code.

Live Classes Plan

Our experienced instructors will host live classes at pre-established times, allowing you to interact with other students and the instructor. You will also get a chance to work with other students, fostering collaboration and discussion.

Project Help / Tutoring Plan

Our experienced instructors will meet with you, through video conference on a set schedule, to make sure you’re understanding the concepts and to help with building your custom portfolio project.

Live Classes

Learn live from the instructor in a group
$ 2,997 ($999/ Month for 3 months)
  • 8 weeks of live classes (1 hour per week)
  • 6 hours of dedicated live Q&A
  • Help with 2 personal projects
  • Get to know other classmates
  • Help with resume and interview prep
  • Unlimited email and chat Q&A

Machine Learning Live Classes & Self Directed Algorithmic Trading

$ 3,237 ($1,079/ Month for 3 months)
  • Everything from the Self Directed Algorithmic Trading Course plan
  • Includes upcoming Machine Learning June 2021 Live Classes (8 weeks/1 hr per week)
  • 6 hours of dedicated live Q&A
  • Help with 2 personal projects
  • Get to know other classmates
  • Help with resume and interview prep
  • Unlimited email and chat Q&A

Machine Learning Live Classes & Algorithmic Trading Live Classes

$ 5,157 ($1,719/ Month for 3 months)
  • Includes upcoming Machine Learning June 2021 Live Classes (8 weeks/1 hr per week)
  • Includes upcoming Algorithmic Trading June 2021 Live Classes (12 weeks/1.5 hrs per week)
  • 12 hours of dedicated live Q&A
  • Help with 4 personal projects
  • Get to know other classmates
  • Help with resume and interview prep
  • Unlimited email and chat Q&A

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After successfully passing the course you will receive a certificate of completion that you can show to employers.

What Is

What Is Machine

Machine Learning is the development of software that is able to learn and adapt without following explicit instructions. It is the backbone behind what most call Artificial Intelligence, and is the primary technology behind projects such as self-driving cars, advanced robotics, search engines, and lots more. Put simply, Machine Learning would allow you to create computer programs that learn and adapt on their own, which can handle very complicated tasks, without a lot of effort.

Programming is like a surgeon doing brain surgery. Machine Learning is more akin to a teacher teaching students in a class. While learning is the dominant way humans know how to do things. Today the dominant way of controlling computers is via programming. However, recent advances have made machine learning popular for solving problems previously impossible to do via programming.

Course Learning Outcomes

  • Learn the fundamentals of Machine Learning, and how to apply it to the world of finance
  • Make better investment and trading decisions using data
  • Learn how to properly apply Machine Learning to time series data
  • Use natural language processing to forecast events (e.g. how a particular news story would affect a stock price)
  • How deep learning is applied to finance
  • Analyze data to be used for Algorithmic Trading
  • Carry out in-depth investment analysis
  • Download and use news data to forecast investment outcomes
  • Use Machine Learning to predict a stock’s price movements
  • How to run Machine Learning models on Google’s AI platform
  • How to optimize your Machine Learning models, especially for financial data
  • Learn about the most common/effective Machine Learning models and their financial use cases

Why is Machine Learning Good for Trading?

After understanding what Machine Learning is, it does not take a stretch of the imagination to see how self-learning and self-adapting computer programs could be useful for trading. However, to make it simple, imagine this:

  • Imagine building a computer program that can identify how many cars are in front of every McDonalds in the country, second by second, using only satellite data and video feeds;
  • Imagine building software that can read and understand every news source in the world (including Twitter, Reddit, Bloomberg, etc), every millisecond, and execute trades based on breaking events in fractions of a second.

Well, I can tell you that you don’t have to look far to see the results of such programs: the largest hedge funds in the world, including Bridgewater (Ray Dalio), Renaissance (Jim Simmons), Two Sigma, and more already use these techniques to make them fabulous amounts of wealth. Now you too can learn these techniques for your own trading.

Course Curriculum

Week 1: Student Introductions, Helpful Resources, Etc.

  • Introductions
  • Course Layout and Tools
  • System Setup
  • Q&A

Week 2: Machine Learning Basics

  • Why and What is Machine Learning
  • Linear Regression
  • Random Forest
  • Training Process

Week 3: Deep Learning

  • Shallow vs. Deep Learning
  • Why, What and When to Use Deep Learning
  • Training  and Validating Deep Learning Models

Week 4: Optimizing Models

  • Google AutoML Tables
  • Google AI Platform
  • Experiment Sheet

Week 1: Time Series Forecasting

  • Time Series vs. Non-Time Series Model Difference
  • Theory
  • Training and Validation Process

Week 2: Building a Stock Forecasting Model

  • Feature Selection
  • Error Measurement
  • Project Setup

Week 1: Natural Language Processing

  • Importance
  • How It Works
  • Using Google Cloud Natural Language

Week 2: Practical Stock Forecasting Model

  • Hooking Up To Newsfeeds
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Project Setup

Upcoming Live Classes

June 2021

Registration Closes
June 3, 2021

Course Starts
June 10, 2021

Course Length
8 Weeks (Excluding Holiday Breaks)

8-12 Hours Per Week, Self Paced Learning

Class Schedule
Every Thursday at 8 pm EST (5 pm PDT)

Lecture Duration
1 Hour Per Week,  Live Over Zoom

Course Projects

Projects signal to employers that you know your stuff! You’ll build an impressive portfolio of projects that demonstrate your abilities. The Live Classes plan includes the projects below, while the Project Help / Tutoring plan includes these and help with your own custom project.

Project 1: Forecasting Stock Prices Using Machine Learning

In this project, we will use the latest machine learning techniques to forecast a stock’s price 15 minutes into the future on a rolling basis. This technique can be applied for your trading to help you get better returns, and can also be used in many other finance applications such as forecasting revenue, profit, and other time-series data.

Project 2: Using Machine Learning to Trade on the News

For this project, you will pull data from a news source (e.g. Bloomberg, Twitter, Reddit, etc) and then train a machine-learning algorithm to read the news and suggest trades. Some examples of this could be breaking news, analyst recommendations, social media interest, and more, where your algorithm could react hundreds of times faster than a human being.


Greg Tanaka

Greg is CEO and Co-founder of Pika Group. Pika strives to make algorithmic trading more accessible for individual traders. Pika helps day traders develop machine learning models and automate execution. Pika is unique given its specialization in deep learning-based algo trading.

Pika Group is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Percolata. Percolata raised $10M and is funded by Google Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, Menlo Ventures and others. Percolata Forecast as a Service (FaaS) gathers and forecasts shopper traffic and transactions with 4x higher accuracy for retailers using weather forecasts, marketing calendars, and other data via proprietary deep learning technology. 

Greg led the Percolata Machine Learning team to score in the top 5% out of 5.6k team that entered the M5 Forecasting (https://www.kaggle.com/gltanaka). M5 was held by The Makridakis Open Forecasting Center (MOFC). The MOFC is well known for its Makridakis Competitions, the first of which ran in the 1980s and is the most prestigious forecasting competition in the world. 

Greg is also on the Palo Alto City Council. He is a Caltech and UC Berkeley alumni and SITN @Stanford.

Testimonials from the
Testimonials from the Lumiwealth

Join the thousands of students that are already learning at Lumiwealth

“I didn’t want to buy a course of just videos. I think having somebody to interact with, like you’ve been great both on Discord and chat… Then the class has been interactive but also you’ve hopped on a call and just helped me out which has been game changing. So that’s why I chose Lumiwealth, it was really because you guys offer that level of care.”

“There’s people coming from way different backgrounds, some people are day traders like me others are more in the field of finance, and so it was really cool to just meet everybody and interact.”

– Agim Salija

“The class has been great. It has done exactly what I sought out. I have learned techniques to help me assess the quality of trading strategies which I didn’t have before. Overall, it has boosted my ability to create a trading bot and more easily test strategies in a way that I wasn’t able to before.”

“For anyone who is looking to learn Python, Finance, and putting together the dots in order to create their own strategy or enter the job market, I think this would be a great course to take.”  

– Rene Serulle

“Absolutely would recommend the classes. I went live with this trading bot a couple of weeks ago and right now I have almost made 80% of the money I spent on the course itself back from the bot itself. The trading strategies that I learned in the class paid for the class itself. I don’t think there is a better return on investment.”

“Learning from you was one of the biggest advantages. The depth of your experience you have and sharing that with all of us is amazing. To have that kind of person who’s willing to teach other people and help them enhance their lives is amazing.” 

– Santayan Paul

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